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Who Knows

So, I thought the holes is the new Stephen west Mystery Knit Along went down the center back. But who knows now! Here is a photo of clue #2 finished. I almost gave up during the first clue- it was a lot of knitting to be done in...

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Stephen West MKAL ALERT

I messed up. I think I said that- on row 18 you work a k/p in each yo- YOU DO NOT! You will work a single k/p in the 2 yarn over section. Each double yarn over will result in 2 sts not 4. SO SORRY! Susan

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Okay, i just opened the 1 st clue of he new Stephen West mystery knit along, but I also started last night at Alice’s kickball game a scarf out of the new silk slub yarn from Loom Yarns! Here are the other colors! So hard...

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Okay I swear I will post pics of possible color ways for the Stephen West mystery Knit Along tomorrow!! I don’t know where the last 2days have gone, but I signed up today for the MKAL! So excited ! Right now I am enjoying...

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Mass Happenings

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In-Store Retreat

What IS the In-Store Retreat?
The In-Store Retreat is a weekend of meeting up with old friends and making new ones while working on your latest yarn project without the distraction of home and work.

For a fee of $25 for the entire weekend, you get a discount on all yarn in the store, as well as 7-10 free patterns, a cool shop bag and a chance to win one of the many door prizes we give away throughout the weekend.

Feel free to join us all weekend or just for an hour or two. We look forward to seeing you over the weekend!

What is an Over-Nighter?

An over-nighter is a night we set aside for our favorite yarn projects. Over-nighters start at 7:30PM and go on through the evening until the last person goes home. For $20 we provide pizza and drinks. You bring a snack and your latest project to work on. Sometimes we work on a service project, so be sure to check the blog before you join us. Can't wait to see you at our next over-nighter!

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