The girls and boys at the shop are worried they will be lonely while I am away on the cruise!  So, we came up with a few temptations to get you into the shop!  Here is the list of the DAILY DEALS. DEALS ARE ONLY GOOD ON THE DATES STATED, please!  

(Don’t forget to follow us, travelers, on the blog-you will need to go to the website to see all the pictures) We are planning a travel log when we get back. I will keep you posted on the date. 


October 12th- All Sock yarn 20%

October 13th- All Baah yarn 20%
October 14th- All Plymouth yarn 20%
October 15th- Bags/needle cases 20%
October 16th- Anything with an plain orange sticker in the sale room (reg $4) now $2
October 17th – Selected Lace Mohair ( Classic Elite Pirouette, Cascade Kid Seta/ Noir, Grinasco Kid Seta ) 20%
October 18th- Anything with sequins 20%
October 19th- Malibrigo Mecha 20%
October 20th- All Shibui 20%
October 21st-All Lace yarn 20%
October 22nd- all Crystal Palace yarns including Mochi plus 20%
October 23rd- All Classic Elite yarns 20%
October 24th- All SUMMER Berroco yarn 20%
October 25th- All silk yarn 20%
October 26th- All Lang SUMMER 20%

October 27th- All Universal yarn(Excluding Deluxe Worsted Wool/ Superwash) 20%