2-seats left on the bus!!!

We will be closed Mon. August 6- Mon Aug 13 for Stitches. I was convinced to stay closed the mon. after stitches to try to get some things put away, SO please don’t come down that monday! It just get too crazy!

Just in Madeline Tosh Chunky!! It has 152 yards for $16.50. I knit a slouch hat and mitts using 2 colors.



New Mystery Trapeze Shawl- Dates in the previous post, but it starts August 17 with us meeting sat. August 13 at 10 am. The pattern has an option for beads in clue 3 or 4. We will meet before that to go to the bead shop and have dinner! I am promoting the new Silk Alpaca from Malabrigo. You will need 2 sk at $11. each. You better get in here this week, because I do not know if I will have any left after Stitches. Here is my color, as of today. Who know what it will be by friday.


New TOYS-Circular Stitch Holders in Long and Short from Clover
Point Protectors for lace and sock double points.
Laveshea hand bars back in good numbers. Call for scents.
Yarn Bras
All for now. I sure I will think of something after I send this! Have a great day! Susan