You guys have been bugging me for a while to post- Now you have done it!! Hopefully this will be helpful and more informational.

I just wanted to thank the scarf knitters who joined us for the scarf night.  Once again, I see why this is such a great town.  We had a wonderful turn out with many knitters purchasing more yarn to do multiple scarves for the volunteers (and themselves).  I handed out a pattern I designed of a football.  The horseshoe pattern was also handed out for personal use only.  Jennifer Orr from Alpaca with a Twist came by to deliver yarn and says she will join us for our Scarf Night Night on august 31.  She will bring other yarns and samples from her company.  mark the date.  Also, I want to thank the scarf knitters for letting me out early to get home to watch the season finale of GLEE-I wept!

The Entrelac jacket class is doing well.  If you are interested in learning entrelac and you could not make this series of class,, let me know and I will schedule another set of classes.  All but one of the ten students had never done entrelac before, and they all left the 2 -hour class with a very good knowledge of what they were doing.  Congrats.

I will try to post about once a week- more often when new yarns come in.