Weather Notice

During times of weather situations, please call the store before
you head out as we might have to close based on weather conditions.
We will try and send notices through social media, but the safety of our staff
and customers will dictate when we need to adjust our hours.

Stay safe and healthy, knit friends.

Truncated Business Hours UPDATED!

Adding additional hours! MAKS is currently open for order pickup on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 11-3. Limited browsing will be allowed during open business hours, to ensure your safety we will be limiting the number of customers allowed in the store at one time. You may call ahead to find the best times.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Wash your hands like you just finished
a bowl of chocolate ice cream and
you’re about to knit with $200 yarn.

Stay safe and healthy, knit friends.

Quick Note From The Shop

Good Monday Morning,

Just to let you know, the shop will be closed today due to technical difficulties. But we have you covered, the online shop is open and ready for you to get your yarn fix, just in case. No Pickups for today, please.

Also, the Brediculous Yarns Trunk show has been extended till March 28th. There are still great deals to be had, if you haven’t tried any of Brea’s yarn yet, you still have time but don’t wait, these amazing yarns are going fast! All of the trunk show items are available in the online shop cart. I’ll drop a link so you can go right now!

Click Here To Shop Now

Stay safe friends,


Coming to MAKS: Brediculous Yarns Trunk Show!

Starting tomorrow, MAKS is hosting Bredicoulous Yarns in an extended trunk show from February 26th to March 14th. We will be hosting our show online and at the store, so you don’t even have to leave your slippers to get some of Brea’s amazing products.

A little bit about Brea in her own words: Hi! I’m Brea, owner, and dyer of Brediculous Yarns. I would be lying if I said yarn dyeing was my main original career choice but here we are! Going for my BA in college, I discovered the beauty of hand-dyed yarn. From there I evolved from buying to making hand-dyed yarn. I have been dyeing yarn ever since. I started off in my living room and now moved downstairs in the basement with a lot more space to create more colors!

Along with Brediculous being a regular line we love at MAKS we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the fabulous stuff we’ll have for this event.

[Base Yarn]-[Colorways]

Addy Socks – West Coasty, Koi Pond, Passionate Purpley, Chesapeak Sunset, Unicorn Barf, Funky Monkey, Dawn on the Pier, Happy Dance, It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere, Hello Gorgeous, Tiki Bar, Happy Hour, Plentiful Bounty, Arctic Bliss, Butterfly Effect, Interstellar, “Oh Look Another Glorious Morning. Makes Me Sick!” Winifred, and several OOAK [One Of A Kind] Colors.

Joxer DK – Happy Dance, It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere, Hello Gorgeous, Tiki Bar, Happy Hour, Plentiful Bounty, Arctic Bliss, Butterfly Effect, Interstellar, “Oh Look Another Glorious Morning. Makes Me Sick!” Winifred, and several OOAK [One Of A Kind] Colors.

Aubs – West Coast

Cozy Bulky – Happy Dance, It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere, Hello Gorgeous, Tiki Bar, Happy Hour, Plentiful Bounty, Arctic Bliss, Butterfly Effect, Interstellar, and “Oh Look Another Glorious Morning. Makes Me Sick!” Winifred

Mohair – Honey, Quacky, Beach Front, Crystal, Pumpkin, Angler, Highlighter (Put your sunglasses on for this one! IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND BRIGHT!), Maldives, Electric, and Denim

80/20 – Butterfly Effect, West Coast, Rose Petals (This one is amazing, you can almost smell the roses), Plentiful Bounty, Funky Monkey, Koi Pond, and Dawn on the Pier

And we also have one of Brea’s Kits called Inseparable that includes 3 granny singles and one mohair with options to choose from three different Ravelry patterns. This one has not yet been loaded to the online cart, if you’re interested call the shop…there is ONLY one!

Everything is loaded to the online cart so if you’d like to enjoy this trunk show virtually, we are there for you. Please note that Brea works with several different bases and an amazing recipe book of colorways that can be reproduced in each base. The online store shows the main picture for the skein information and a second picture that represents the colorway. Always refer to the main picture or the product description to get an accurate idea of what each skein will look like and knit up. She also sent some beautiful samples along that I’ll attach for your enjoyment. Please call the shop during regular business hours if you have any questions.

Sorrel Sweater by Wool and Pine
Joxer DK or Hanna Sparkle and Mohair Double-stranded

Ashton Shawlette by Dee O’Keefe (Free on Ravelry)
Addy Sock (One Skein)

Birds of a Feather by Andrea Mowry
Mohair and Addy Sock

If you’ve never tried Brediculous Yarns before, don’t miss this opportunity, now is your chance. Come join us for this trunk show and get some great new yarns and project ideas!

Stay Safe,


Mass Happenings


19may5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

26may5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class


02jun5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

09jun5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

16jun5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

23jun5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

30jun5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

In-Store Retreat

What IS the In-Store Retreat?
The In-Store Retreat is a weekend of meeting up with old friends and making new ones while working on your latest yarn project without the distraction of home and work.

For a fee of $25 for the entire weekend, you get a discount on all yarn in the store, as well as 7-10 free patterns, a cool shop bag and a chance to win one of the many door prizes we give away throughout the weekend.

Feel free to join us all weekend or just for an hour or two. We look forward to seeing you over the weekend!

What is an Over-Nighter?

An over-nighter is a night we set aside for our favorite yarn projects. Over-nighters start at 7:30PM and go on through the evening until the last person goes home. For $20 we provide pizza and drinks. You bring a snack and your latest project to work on. Sometimes we work on a service project, so be sure to check the blog before you join us. Can't wait to see you at our next over-nighter!

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