Weather Notice

During times of weather situations, please call the store before
you head out as we might have to close based on weather conditions.
We will try and send notices through social media, but the safety of our staff
and customers will dictate when we need to adjust our hours.

Stay safe and healthy, knit friends.

Truncated Business Hours UPDATED!

Adding additional hours! MAKS is currently open for order pickup on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 11-3. Limited browsing will be allowed during open business hours, to ensure your safety we will be limiting the number of customers allowed in the store at one time. You may call ahead to find the best times.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Wash your hands like you just finished
a bowl of chocolate ice cream and
you’re about to knit with $200 yarn.

Stay safe and healthy, knit friends.

Just a Couple of Possibilities!





Sitting here we realized that the Crawl starts this Friday!! So here are some pattern choices that you can knit up.  Using the yarns we have from Leading Men Fiber Arts.  As Dru stated the colors will be available at 12:01 Friday morning, so take a look at some of these to help in your decision process!!  The Yarn Crawl yarn- Showstopper Renewal is a 100 gram skein with 463 yards!! 75% Superwash Merino/ 25% Nylon

Minis are the same yarn with 92 yards.  (5 COLORS)

Take a look as some of these patterns, or some that you have been saving and figure out your yardage so you will be ready!!


1. I have always loved Tin Can Knits patterns!  They have an elegant simplicity that we all need!


2. If the sweater seems too much, check out this hat!  What a great way to introduce yourself into stranding colors! 

3. I like the idea of using the Renewal for the larger sections of this sweater and the contrasts minis for the stranded sections.


4. Who doesn’t love Harry Potter??  What we like about this pattern is the variety of cables used in this cowl. Grab a 100 gram skein and 2-3 minis to alternate the colors!! 


5. THIS HAT!!  I have always loved this pattern!! It is super simple and SUPER CUTE!!

6. A Wave always makes things interesting! Mix and match the Yarn Crawl yarns for this great wrap.





FRIDAY, Feb. 26: 11-6 pm

SATURDAY, Feb. 27: 10-4:30

SUNDAY, Feb. 28: 12-4

MONDAY,MAR. 1: 11-3

THURSDAY, MAR. 4: 11-3

FRIDAY, MARCH 5: 11-6 pm

SATURDAY, MAR. 6: 10-4:30

SUNDAY, MAR. 7: 12-4


Press Release: Announcing Renewal 2021 Yarn Crawl


It’s time for Renewal! Spring is just around the corner!
Of course, because of current circumstances, this year’s yarn crawl is going to be different. Seven shops, one yarn truck, and one online-only store will be participating this year. Some shops will be open (with safety protocols in place), some will be online only, and some will be a combination.

Everyone can participate this year, there are no passports and no validation pages. There are no special discounts—think of it as your opportunity to support these great small businesses.

There will be no grand prizes—some of the shops will offer drawings for shop prizes.

Our limited edition yarn is called “Renewal” and it is dyed by Leading Men.
Each shop will have a limited supply of this yarn, and it will be revealed on February 19. $27.00 per skein.
Also, beginning on February 19, check out the Social Media pages of each shop for an intro video. These videos will help you as you plan your crawl.

Anticipating the Yarn Crawl!

A little planning goes a long way!  We are full of ideas and suggestions!

  1. Double-check the hours and availability of each shop before heading out! Remember, this year is different for all of us! A few of our shop friends have closed, one is online only, many of us have changed our hours, and the Nomad truck will be in different locations.
  2. Look through your pattern “queue” print out patterns that you want to find yarn for, then when you buy the yarn at one of the shops, drop the pattern in the bag.
  3. Save $1 dollar bills or $5 dollar bills (or both) for some spending capital!
  4. Plan a yarn crawl project–using a skein from each shop, check out the ideas page!

Mass Happenings


14apr5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

21apr5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

28apr5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class


05may5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

12may5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

19may5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

26may5:30 pm7:30 pmBeginning Knitting Class

In-Store Retreat

What IS the In-Store Retreat?
The In-Store Retreat is a weekend of meeting up with old friends and making new ones while working on your latest yarn project without the distraction of home and work.

For a fee of $25 for the entire weekend, you get a discount on all yarn in the store, as well as 7-10 free patterns, a cool shop bag and a chance to win one of the many door prizes we give away throughout the weekend.

Feel free to join us all weekend or just for an hour or two. We look forward to seeing you over the weekend!

What is an Over-Nighter?

An over-nighter is a night we set aside for our favorite yarn projects. Over-nighters start at 7:30PM and go on through the evening until the last person goes home. For $20 we provide pizza and drinks. You bring a snack and your latest project to work on. Sometimes we work on a service project, so be sure to check the blog before you join us. Can't wait to see you at our next over-nighter!

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