This is for those who have braved the back of the shop!

Ann, Susie ( alias- SLAVE DRIVERS) were at the shop today and as usual got lots of things done! The dumpster is full and the “OFFICE” is clean and ready to become the new SHIPPING CENTER!

Also, check out the expanded Button Area!

Those girls are Awesome( I will probably be in bed by 8 pm tonight!)

Overnighter this Sat. Bring good snacks! Starts at 7 pm

Here is my Mystery shawl so far-
yes I am in the car waiting for Alice to get out of cheer leading! A girl has to use her time wisely ! I will show you more as it progresses. By the way, who is still left working this project? Let me know. We will meet this sat at 10 am for the next clue. See you then?
Okay it is 7:45, Alice is out and I am heading home to bed . Thanks again Ann and Susie!!