Okay, so I know I have a bit of an obsessive personality . I was heading up to South Bend Thursday and I realized that the next clue was coming out on Friday and I had left my first portion of knitting on the table at the shop!!!! CRAP!!! So I seriously considered calling Elaine at the shop and having her lock up(she was working by herself), and go to the post office and OVERNIGHT my knitting to me! Is that TOO much? I really considered it. The farther we got from Indy, the more uncomfortable I got? I know. I am a sick woman. So tonight, we got back to Indy around 8:30, I kicked everyone out of the car and headed downtown to get my knitting. I am in the process picking up my sts and will show all of you tomorrow what I can get done tonight. But I WILL NOT be up until 2 ( unless I am making good progress).
See you tomorrow (saturday) at 10 am sharp. I will try again to have donuts!!

Bus to Stitches. My understanding is there are only around 7 seats left on the bus. You better get your money in right away if you want to go with us on the 11th of august!!

I am off to knit!!! Susan