The Blowout yarn for today is Jo Sharp Mohair.  Both the Rare Comfort and the Infusion are $4.00 TODAY.  The Regular price is $8. 50 a ball.  We still have many of Jo’s patterns that use this fab. mohair.  

Don’t forget that all other in-stock yarns are at least 30% off,  with some 40% or 50% off!

Where were you guys on Sun.  I was surprized by the lack of people who showed up for Knit in Public day.  I know that it was Fathers Day, so that can be your out- for now.  We will have to try harder next year(I sound like a mother)!

Have a great day and don’t forget the sale!.  I will try to post Wed.  Blowout Yarn before I go home today to give you all more time to get patterns and such!