What a trip!! After the fire on Lifeboat 10 was put out, things seemed to calm down and we had smooth sailing! Juneau was rainy (really rainy), but we (Elaine, Rega and I ) found 1 of the 2 yarn shops! It was run by a lovely woman who made me feel organized!! Thank God Susie never made it to that shop, she would have had a stroke!!

We visited two other shops , one in Ketchikan that had a beautiful view of the water and a huge selection on Koigu yarn! She has convinced me I need to give them another try! She said there shipping has gotten much better!
Fun fact- Margie informed me this morning that a cruise diet of 2 peanut butter cookies and 2 scoops of ice cream a day will cause you to loose 1 pound during the cruise!!

Back to the cruise, except for Juneau, we had fabulous weather!



Here are some photos from the boat of Ketchikan. What a lovely city- true Alaska. We were there on the Fourth of July and some got caught up in the town parade! Let me say- lots of dogs!! what a great town!

Here are some of the surprises Elaine and I had in our room each night!


If you are interested, the ship offers “towel folding” lessons!!
I have to say that again I am totally impressed with how well we were taken care of on our cruise! Can’t wait for 2015 in the Mediterranean! Start saving your pennies ( ok dollars!!). I will get out information about this cruise as soon as I get it! my thought is fly into Rome, stay a few days, take the train to the port town and cruise for 7-10 days! How does that sound?

Shop news-
Fiber Festival Sale- this sat ( July 13) and next sat ( July 20). Both days are 10-12
THIS IS A CASH/ CHECK ONLY SALE! I will post pictures of some of the goodies later this week! There are lots of books in this one!!

Madeline Tosh VINTAGE shipment to arrive on the 11th of July- I am expecting around 40 colors!! Like the Toshlight, this yarn will go quickly!! Don’t hesitate to get yours. Vintage is a heavy
worsted weight (18-20 st = 1″) yarn with 200 yards!! get your patterns ready! I will send out a note as soon as the yarn is here!!

Just an interesting thing! This statue was in the Lounge on the ship!

Elaine noticed it as we were waiting to leave the ship for the last time. Got to love a knitter!!

There are still some seats left on the second bus to stitches! Cost is $65 for round trip ticket! Entrance into the market is just $5. Stop by or send in a Check for the $65. with your email and cell phone number. The $5 you will pay when you get on the bus.

See you sat for the Fiber Festival!!