Mass Ave Knit Shop 2020 Advent Calendar Kit Pre-order NOW OPEN

-24 different color mini skeins of superwash fingering weight- 2200 total yardage

-Dyed for us by CREATED 4 U by Laura from Columbus Ohio

-Yarn will be ready for pick up or delivery by mid-November 2020

-Dec 1 begin knitting with your first color. Knit 1 skein per day until December 24, 2020.

-Mass Ave Bonus for December 25th!

-Suggested Pattern- THE V-NECK TEE ( can be worn with b-neck in front or back) available on Ravelry

-Limit number of kits available, orderable at the shop or from the online store (under MAKS yarns)

-Cost per kit: $140.00









Additional Information for this weekend’s Sidewalk Sale!

Susan wanted me to pass on that the Sidewalk Sale will be from 10-2 this Saturday, and may be extended and continued next Saturday! Stay tuned for additional details.