It’s time for Renewal! Spring is just around the corner!
Of course, because of current circumstances, this year’s yarn crawl is going to be different. Seven shops, one yarn truck, and one online-only store will be participating this year. Some shops will be open (with safety protocols in place), some will be online only, and some will be a combination.

Everyone can participate this year, there are no passports and no validation pages. There are no special discounts—think of it as your opportunity to support these great small businesses.

There will be no grand prizes—some of the shops will offer drawings for shop prizes.

Our limited edition yarn is called “Renewal” and it is dyed by Leading Men.
Each shop will have a limited supply of this yarn, and it will be revealed on February 19. $27.00 per skein.
Also, beginning on February 19, check out the Social Media pages of each shop for an intro video. These videos will help you as you plan your crawl.

Anticipating the Yarn Crawl!

A little planning goes a long way!  We are full of ideas and suggestions!

  1. Double-check the hours and availability of each shop before heading out! Remember, this year is different for all of us! A few of our shop friends have closed, one is online only, many of us have changed our hours, and the Nomad truck will be in different locations.
  2. Look through your pattern “queue” print out patterns that you want to find yarn for, then when you buy the yarn at one of the shops, drop the pattern in the bag.
  3. Save $1 dollar bills or $5 dollar bills (or both) for some spending capital!
  4. Plan a yarn crawl project–using a skein from each shop, check out the ideas page!