To celebrate my BIG BIRTHDAY, Friday   October 14th, we are going to have balloons!  In the balloons will be discounts from 10%-50%!  You will pick anything in the store (yes including books and needles) and then pick your balloon!  We will then pop the balloon and see what your discount will be!  There will be no adding or subtracting of items once the balloons is popped!!  PLEASE DON’T ASK!  This is one of the very rare times that books and needles are on sale, so you may want to stock up.

**To add to the celebration the sale room yarns will be 50% off that day! There will be no holding of yarns or needles before the sale!

Friday, October 14th is the only day for this sale. We will open at 11am and close at 6pm.

Here is a picture of the wool with felted ball cowl.  We just got in more collors!  This is a 1 sk, 1 hour project.  Check out these great colors. (Christmas is less than 90 days away!).






Don’t forget that next weekend is the In-Store Retreat.  The are still a few seats (but only a few) available.  Call to claim yours!

Next overnighter is sat. Nov. 19th.  I know that sounds like a long time away, but Oct will be crazy: In- store Retreat, Big Birthday, Knit Camp, Halloween and then its Nov!  Cost for the overnighter is $20 plus a small snack to share. We start around 7:30 and go until the last one goes home.  I will provide pizza and drinks.  Remember, Christmas is less than 90 days away!  Are you frightened?  I am!

Fall Vogue (2011) Mohair Cowl Support group (pattern # 37) will meet on Sat. Nov. 5th. at 11 am.  This is a project we will start at knit camp, however those not going to camp can join in on the 5th.  There will be a few who did not go to camp, so don’t worry about joining in late!  Also, we (campers) will have made all the mistakes so you won’t( Ha Ha).   If you don’t have the issue of Vogue call or stop by the shop for homework due prior to the support group meeting.  There is no charge, except yarn costs.

I am still working on my Puff-daddy foot stool.  I am planning an expedition to Ikea (cincy) on wed. for inexpencive down comforters.  Wish me luck.  I should have it all together on thurs.  I will post pics.  I think it will be fab!

Side note- this sun. Cathedral theater dept. is putting on “Princess and the Pea” for their childrens theater project.  If you have young girls (and boys), you may want to attend.  show times are 1 and 4pm.  They put on a great show!  I think kids tickets are $5 and adults $10, but I am not really sure about this.  Sorry.  Not that it matters, but I am going to the 1pm show and working the 4pm show.  Say hi if you see me!

Also, I have just learned that mass. ave. knit shop  “is loved on YELP”.  I was not sure what that was, however, the same day I recieved notification and a window sticker we had a visitor from North Carolina who found us on Yelp!  My understanding is it is a search engine with comments made by people who visit cities, businesses and and other venues and make comments about there impressions.  How nice to “be loved”  Thanks, for all the comments and support!

Have a great weekend.  See you next week!  Susan