Overnighter Starts at 7:30 pm this saturday ( Sept. 12). Bring a snack to share and $20 and join the gang for a fun night of knitting! Work on whatever you have in progress or check out some of the new yarns that are arriving daily at the shop.  
Top Down Malabrigo Sweater class starts this Saturday at 10 am – 12 noon.  
New Rowan- Alpaca Merino Dk. This yarn is like the Lima from Rowan, but in a lighter guage. It is so soft and has a book with a good variety of patterns from hats to sweaters.  

I am about to do registration for the Walk Out Of Darkness walk for the saturday. Are you interested? Please let me know and we can walk together. Registration will start around 1:30 and the walk starts at 3. We can meet at the shop and drive over together so we don’t have to worry so much about parking. just let me know if you want to walk.  

STRIP OF THE MONTH AFGHAN will start on October 10 and class for that day (only ) will be from 1-3 pm. the other dates -Nov. 14, Dec 12, Jan 9 will be from 10-12. The Strip Afghan will continue to meet the 2nd sat of the month from then on from 10-12. I HAVE THE BOOKS IN STOCK, BUT FOR SOME REASON I CAN NOT PUT PICTURES IN THE POST! Come in and check out this really interesting project that will teach you many new stitch and colorwork techniques. For this group you will use either the Rowan Worsted Superwash or the Merino Dk from Schachenmayr which are both back in stock in good numbers, but they will not last. These are two of our most popular yarns that we are using in many of the upcoming projects. Don’t wait too long or the colors will be gone! 

There are just 2 spaces left in the next Beginning Weaving class to be held on October 1st. The Class runs from 10 am until 4 ish. Bring a luch or order out from the shop. 

Cost: $40. plus a skein or 2 of yarn. Call to reserve a space.

BUS TO VOGUE LIVE CHICAGO- we still have seats on the bus to Vogue Live. Call to get one for you and your friends! Just $55. for the round trip!
IN STORE RETREAT- is just a ferw weeks away and you have not signed up yet!! PLEASE call and do so now! We really need to know numbers for bags and patterns. You can pay the $25 over the phone. Thanks.