There are a couple patterns you can use depending on your guage

5 stitches=1″

With size 7 needle cast on 100 sts. join in the round and knit for 8″.  Next 2 rounds: k2tog around.  Run yarn through sts and bury end.

3.5 sts = 1″

With size 10 needle cast on 70 sts.  Join in the round and work for 8″.

Next 2 rows: K2tog around.  Run yarn through live sts and bury on the inside.

These are two VERY basic patterns

Cap- 4.5 sts.= 1″

Knitting Needles Size 8

Cast On 90 sts

Join In Round

Work K1, P1 ribbing for
1 inch

Knit all stitches til 6
½ inches total


K7, K2tog

K1 row

K6, K2tog

K1 row

K5, K2tog

K1 row

K4, K2tog

K3, K2tog

K2, K2tog

K1, K2tog

K2tog around

K2tog around.

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