What a Wonderful weekend. We had so many people working on such great projects. The big hit was the Giant Skeins! Here is my finished wrap.

The pattern I wrote for this yarn could be wider and taller. Basically there was a lot of yarn left! The Giant Skeins are 12 different yarns wound together and then dyed. There is over 1300 yards
in 1 hank!
Other patterns handed out at the Retreat were for the adorable baby sweater knit out of 1 skein of Heritage 150! I think there is enough leftover to do a small hat! This yarn is 492 yards of a super wash merino wool and nylon dk weight for $26.

I did the 12 months using a pattern from knitty.com.
Here are the other colors

I finished this sweater in less than a week! It is top down, so if it becomes too short, you can take out your edging and add length! Also, minimal sewing to finish it!

Another wonderful sweater from the retreat was knit in one of my new favorite yarns, Ultra Pima from Cascade yarns. It is a dk weight machine wash in some wonderful colors with 220 yarns per skein! This is also a top down sweater. I love the crispness of the white, though I was a little hesitant to knit it in white. As most of you know, I am a little clumsy. The pattern is free on Cascade’s website. It was not written with a closure and I contemplated putting in a buttonhole post bind off, but opted for the hook closure instead. The gauge is a little off with the ultra pima (evan though it was written for this yarn), so if you are doing this pattern talk to me and I can give you some pointers and options.

FALL IN-STORE RETREAT DATES-October 12-14, 2012.
Mark your calendars!
LESLIE AND PEPPER ARE VENTURING INTO THE REALM OF TEACHING! Both have become obsessed with the Earth and Sky shawl pattern by Stephen West! I think they have done around 6 between the two of them!!! Here are 2 examples of the shawl.

They can be knit in sock or dk weight yarn. Madeline Tosh Light works really well as well as some of the Lana Grossa Sock yarns. We are signing up NOW for this class which will be offered twice! The second class is filling up fast! All classes are on Saturday! Classes will be limited to 12 people per class!
Dates are
Class 1- May 12, 19, June 2 and July 7 from 1:30-4.
Class 2- July 14, 21, Aug 4. and Sep 8 from 3-6:30
Class fee is $55 for either session.
You may want to get your yarn soon, these shawls were a hit at the retreat!
Your payment for the class will hold your spot. Because of popularity we can not hold spaces without payment! Send in your check with: Name, Class, and e-mail address.
Just in Knit Bot Patterns by Hannah Fettig. WOW!! We have individual patterns as well as the 2 books. Check out the patterns at knitbot.com.
Got to get back to work- the girls are tackling the patterns around to shop to organize in file cabinets! It is all in hopes for better serving YOU!!!
Have a great week. Overnighter date to be set soon( if i have not already done it!)!