A little heads up-
We do not have enough people signed up for food SO
-if you are signed up for friday and have paid- we will create a credit in the computer for you to use this weekend.
-if you are signed up for sat and have paid we are getting lasagna and bread sticks from “South of Chicago” for you. If you do not want to have this we will credit you in the computer.
I hope this does not cause any problems, but we did not think the numbers justified the labor for Jan who provides the meals.

Also, Jennifer Davies, with the knitting Jewelry will be here Friday afternoon with her wonderful items. You may buy from her and I will see if she will leave some pieces for those of you who will not be here on friday to pick from. She does take aluminum needles in trade (50 cents per needle) toward your purchase. Red and Purple needles are in high demand!

Just in HPKY Yarns and kits are here! I am working on a Giant Skein (16 oz) right now.


I am doing a wrap, which will be finished by friday.
we also have kits from them- Scarf in a Scarf

And Scarf in a Shrug

The yarn and the scarf in the kit are hand-dyed silk!!
They are also sending 8-10 more Giant Skeins for the retreat! YEAH!

We still have room for you at the Retreat-BUT it is best for us to know, so we can get the bags ready! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you are waiting , let us know right away.

Thanks so much-Susan