Good Afternoon Knit Friends,

This marks the end of the first year for our online store. We so appreciate the input and feedback that we’ve received from you. We are going to make a few minor changes. As posted in the last email, we had originally intended to place a separate shipping charge on the grab bags but found that there was not a good solution since we already had a shipping schedule in place. Also, in reviewing the shipping charges on the first grab bag orders to go out the door, we found that the separate charge did not cover the cost of shipping. This led us to do a quick review of the past year and we found that the original shipping schedule we set did not cover the cost of packaging and shipping either. So, after some quick planning, we’ve decided to let the grab bags go through the original shipping schedule and to increase the shipping charges on the schedule by one dollar. This change and we hope you’ll find it minor, will bring us in line with our package and shipping costs.

And another discussion we’ve had lately is over the Spring Retreat. Last year we did both of the retreats virtually. We had great fun but we were really hoping to return to an in-person retreat for this spring. We quite honestly still are not feeling safe enough to accomplish this, so we’ve decided to cancel the spring retreat this year and return to the in-person retreat by this fall. Susan will be planning out dates and we’ll have those out to you soon.

Thanks again for being here with us, and we hope you are all well and safe. What are you going to knit next?