Thanks to Lisa H, we are going to start a FOOTBALL KNIT ALONG!  The idea is you pick the 2 colors of your favorite team, ie-COLTS-blue and white. During the game, you keep track of the scores as they occur and knit a row for each point the teams make.  So, if the colts score a touchdown and point after you will knit 7 rounds in blue.  If the opponent scores a field goal, you will knit 3 rounds in white.  You will need a third color to be purled at the end of each game!  For the colts I would choose grey.  One customer ( DL) suggested using Blue and BLACK when the colts play THAT TEAM from the east coast!!! 

Here is the yarn I am using for the pattern.  You will need a size 7- 16″ circular needle   


I will post, on the blog,  the order of the scoring each morning following a game.  

There are 7 seats left on the bus to STITCHES on Saturday.  You need to call us tomorrow (Friday ) if you want to join the fun!!!  seats are $55.00