We still have some of our Breathe and Hope Shawl kits! The free pattern is available until Sunday at midnight, so message me for kits and the code. Codes are only available with new yarn purchases. Once you receive your code you can then go to Ravelry and copy-paste it into the coupon code section.

I will be at the shop on Saturday, so. Call the shop, and I can text or email codes out to you so you will have it by the time you receive or pick up your yarn! I will also add some new options for what I can put together for you!! I will also post new kits on Instagram and Facebook on Saturday.

Casapinka was kind enough to put out the LYS day shawl pattern to help out local yarn shops and keep knitters in yarn! If you have any questions please message me with your issues.

Here are a few of the kits I know are still available.