CALL ON TUESDAY TO MAKE SURE WE ARE OPEN! I a really over this weather

I know you thought I had moved off the blanket, but alas, I just got a little distracted by the “revised Einstein Jacket”.
We lengthened the bottom and the top sections and shortened the sleeves. It looks great over a turtleneck. We were inspired by a customer who was in the shop during the After Christmas Sale. THANKS TO HER! The change in the pattern makes the whole garment lighter weight and indoor appropriate!


Check out the “Arm Knitting” scarf using the recycled silk.

It took about 15 minutes to complete! Love it!

Here are my squares so far!!


Here is the one I am working on now-


New- Kauni Lace-





The black/white only comes in 50 gram sks. the others are in 250-300 gram sks.

The mugs are here!! However, we are still giving the $7.50 price until we get the pens to write your name. They should arrive by the 19TH. That is when the price goes back to $10.

Don’t forget that the YARN CRAWL starts this Friday. I will have extra passports on Wednesday.