Once again Rebecca has sucked me into one of her “little Projects”! She just had to let me know that Stephen West is starting another Mystery Shawl in july. Do I have time for this? NO WAY!
I am thinking the Madeline Tosh Light will be perfect. I sent a note to M.D. Yesterday to see if my shipment will be in time. I will keep you updated. The First clue comes out on friday, july 13. We will meet here at the shop on Sat. July 14 from 10-12 am. This is not mandatory if you want to join our group. The following clues will come out on the next 3 fridays with meetings on the sats at 10 am. You can sign up to receive the pattern for the Mystery Shawl on Ravelry for $4.00. Notify Annette, who runs our Ravelry group and we can keep a list and post photos as we progress through the shawl. Check out Ravelry to get ideas for colors, you will need 2 colors. It looks to me like you will need a good contrast between the two. You can either let me know or Annette if you want to join.

Cruise 2013! just got the information from Melissa at Craft Cruises Our Alaskan Cruise
Here you go_