The end of this month(January) we will start the LIBERTY WOOL AFGHAN PROJECT! Each month for the next 6 months, the shop will receive 2 new LIBERTY WOOL colors. There are 4 knit and 2 crochet patterns to choose from.  ( I am having problems posting pictures of the patterns – shoot ) I am also going to write a fifth mitre pattern that will use 1 ball if LIBERTY WOOL  per diamond. That way you can use a different color way for each diamond you knit! 

Here is my first project using the Yarn Crawl Yarn for 2016 !   


The cowl takes 1 skein of the YCY and 2 balls of St. Charles LUNA. 

Yarn Crawl dates are February 26-March 13, 2016. 

You can now pre order your Yarn Crawl Yarn ($27) and Passport ($7.50)