The Roller Derby bout “LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALDERAAN PLACES” starts at 7:30. It is open admission, so I would like us all to meet at the front door of the MARSH BLUE RIBBON PAVILLION at 6:45. I know this seems early, but if we want to get good seats, we need to get there early. Bring your knitting! A group of us are going to eat before if time allows- somewhere fast and near the fairground. Any suggestions? Here are names and ticket amounts that I have. Let me know if I missed you. I ordered 2 extra just in case.

Joanne T-1
Harry s. -3
Susan( me)-1
Jess T. -4
Maria S-4
Shannon R.-3
Shannon O. -4
Liza C- 1
Elaine E-1

Let me know if I missed you.