More Gina from Plymouth -# 1, 4, 7, 8 , and 10 have arrived! I have also ordered more of some of the colors that we had before.

Here are my 2 newest squares! I love this project! I am considering putting a few squares together to see the effect of adding the trim! Just having a hard time committing to a color. My first instinct is to go neutral, but I really want something bold like magenta or turquoise! I worry that I will lose the umph( is that a real word?) of the color squares if I use a bold border. Dilemma for today!

I thanks to all the crawlers! We have had a great time meeting so any new people. We hope you will visit again.

Just a heads up to the crawler- remember to tell your final shop (8 th) where you want to pick up your gift basket when you win! They should write it on you information page when you turn it in at your last stop. We are just trying to make it easier for you. However if you win one of the many individual shop baskets, you will need to go back to that shop to pick it up. That just gives you a reason to go back for another visit!

Okay here are the photos -I forgot to insert there earlier- just too much excitement

Gina color #10

Boku # 13
This is the first square using the Plymouth Boku. It seams a little large, but I am happy with it!


“We” chose the purple from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton for my in between color for my blanket! We shall see!!