Sorry this is so late!! I have been home sick for the last couple of days!!

The SuperKnit Weekend starts this Friday (tomorrow)!

I WANT TO REMIND EVERYONE NOT TO PARK IN THE SPACES ON THE RIGHT HAND (SOUTH HALF) SIDE OF THE PARKING LOT ON FRIDAY.  I have been told that Saturday and Sunday will be ok.  The other issue is the on street parking.  The hair salon workers tend to take all the on street parking so I am ok if you want to come down early ( 9ish) to grab a spot. You can grab a bite to eat- Peppys, Three Carrots, and Milktooth and I will open the doors at 10 am.  We are a smaller group for this retreat, so you can start early.

There are a few exemption for the 20% off for retreaters this weekend.  I am adding Stitch together Bubbles to the list which includes the usuals: Liberty Wool Print, MAKS cakes, Hedgehog yarns!

Also, on Friday we will have the reveal and preorders for the 2020 Indiana Yarn Crawl Yarn and Passports.  the Crawl dares are Feb 28- March 8, 2020.  There are 11 shops this year including a weaving shop!

I will post picks of my 2 projects using the Yarn Crawl Yarn tomorrow.