New malabrigo- Worsted, Rasta, Rios, Sock and Lace!  WOW.

Here are 2 new yarns we just got in!!  Can you believe the colors?

1st- Frolicking Feet- sock yarn- duh! cost $19.8 for 480 yards!

sorry about the picture- we are selling this yarn right out of the box!!

2nd-Wrap it up- Rayon/Bamboo mix- 300 yds for $15.oo

I think this will be great for the Market bag that we have in the store.  It will only take 1 sk!  The photo does not do the colors justice!  The colors of the yarn are really bright and clear!  Come in and check it out.

Overnight next Sat, Aug 13.  Fun starts at 7:30.  Bring a small snack to share and $20.  We will order pizza from South of Chicago pizza.  It is really good and it is new to the neighborhood!

If you have not been in the shop in the last 2 weeks, you do not know about my new obsession!  I am a Crazy Cranker!  I am using the new I-Cord maker that we sell in the shop.  Here are 2 examples of what I am doing- blue and white-COLTS, and blue and orange-BEARS (for stitches) !  These will be great in any school colors!  These Crankers are a huge hit and make the cutest scarves in around 2 hours! 

Have a great weekend-Susan